Strengthen by many years of research; we are currently in the development phase. In fact, since october 2015 we realize tests in natural environments. These tests allow us to adapt our products to different types of plans of water such as lakes, canals, ponds etc.

It's true that each plan of water has its specificities, its own unique ecosystem and especially its type of aquatic invasive plants to eradicate. This is why we are looking for water plans in order to carry out further new tests. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request.

We are also looking for investors to help us in our development. In fact, in order to offer our product for sale and thus help many managers and owners of water plans, we must apply for Marketing Authorization, which is expensive. In addition, BioCapTech, has led to the creation of jobs and internships. These jobs are essential to our development.

For more information about our fundraising, we invite you to visit the Reasons to invest or contact us.
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