Reasons to invest
Breakthrough technology
  • INNOVATIVE : Based on natural plant extracts
  • BIOLOGICAL : Respecting the environment to avoid any ecocide
  • EFFECTIVE : A technology that limits growth or eliminates hydrophytes and cyanobacteria from water bodies
Patented technology
    European patent in 2017 to be extended to the targeted countries. A patent being writing.
Commercialization of trials since 2016
    Starting commercialization of trials in France in accordance with the European regulation Biocide 528-2012 since 2016.
PlusieurSeveral possible sources of incomes sources de revenus possibles
  • Un paiement An initial payment when signing distribution agreements
  • A production margin related to the sale of products to distributors
  • Royalties on distributor sales
Significant development potential
  • A global market for chemical biocides estimated at €21bn that will be replaced by environmentally compatible products (reach substitution principle).
  • A favourable regulatory environment in Europe: Water Directive since 2015.

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